The Road to Nowhere…LEADS TO VICTORY LANE!!!

I have to tell you that it is absolutely heart wrenching to find out that after 10+ years of writing my heart out on the internet, that it all just vanished. POOF! The Go Daddy team of helpers were useless. They didn’t help me one bit. They just referred me over to a link to print out instructions. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing with RSS feeds and the such. No amount of reading could help me figure it all out. Then I get an email that says all my accounts are being wiped out and consolidated. The two accounts that I could’ve cared less about are just fine, while my racing site is…KAPUT. Well, I HATE GO DADDY. This was the third time that I had to move all my content from one place to another. Remember, Microsoft Spaces or Places or something like that? I never really used My Space, way too weird. The other time was when my hosting company went out of business and I had to scramble to find someone new and move all my stuff. It’s been an adventure to say the least.